Sometimes we needn’t have to buy new pieces of furniture to brighten up our home. It’s possible to transform old furniture already lying about the house into something new, and different. All you need is a little DIY spirit, and a little time. Here are 5 ideas you can use to recycle old pieces of furniture around the home. They’re all simple to do, and won’t cost you too much to pull off.

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1. Give your furniture a fabric facelift.

Dress up outdated furniture with new fabric to inject a little more life and spark into your home. You can try just covering the existing fabric with a new patterned sheet, and then using pins to hold everything in place. Or, if you’re a little more adventurous, remove the old fabric and reupholster your furniture with a different material and design. You’ll be surprised at the results.

2. Repaint old furniture.

Give your old, washed out furniture a new lease on life with a fresh lick of paint. It’s easy to do, and won’t cost you a fortune. For best results, try sanding your chair, table, or whatever it is you’re re-painting, and then apply a couple of coats of paint. Of course, when it comes to the colour, try and pick one that blends easily with the rest of the room (or space). Or completely scrap that idea and go for something bold. Your options are virtually limitless!

3. Repurpose a wooden bed frame into a garden bench.

Turn an old wooden bed frame into a beautiful garden bench. All you need to do is saw off about ¾ of the bed frame, leaving you with the headboard and about 1 foot of sitting space. You can then paint it to effect. Of course, when using any power tool, such as those made by STHIL ( ) make sure you put your safety first. It only takes one moment of mindlessness to cause serious or fatal harm.

4. Use old chest drawers as flower pots.

If you have an old chest of drawers lying around the home, just collecting dust, take the drawers outside and fill them with rich, organic soil. Then plant some colourful flowers and herbs in them. There you go: you now have some nifty flower pots made from unused wooden drawers. Of course, you can experiment with painting them lots of colours and designs. Or leave them as is for a different effect.

5. Add storage to existing furniture.

Finally, for something a little different, try adding curtain rails under the top of your table, and attach some funky looking curtains on all four sides. Viola! You now have some extra storage space under your old table. It’s a unique look, and will surely spark many conversations when entertaining guests in your home.

Before throwing out your old pieces of furniture, take a little time out, and put your creative hat on. There are so many ways you can recycle existing furniture around the home and create something that’s both stylish and functional. By all means, use the above 5 ideas as inspiration, and see what you can come up with yourself. No doubt you’ll have re-injected a little more life into old pieces by the time you’re through!

5 Ideas For Recycling Furniture