Whilst the sun is still shining why not take the opportunity to make some much needed improvements to your home over the weekend? The weekend is a great time for any homeowner to get stuck into some DIY.


To help you turn the idea of some great weekend DIY in to a reality at OSC we have selected 5 simple projects that will improve your home. So what are you waiting for? Read our great list and get to work this weekend, a little work now and you will soon see the difference.

Make the entrance inviting

If you’re going to start then there’s no better place than the entrance to your house, it’s the first thing you see when you arrive home and the first thing that will meet the eyes of any visitor. We all know that first impressions are important, so make sure they have a good impression of you before you open the door. Here are some simple things you can do:

– Paint the front door – Pop down to the local DIY shop and buy a new colour, make it a bold colour and keep in with in season. Having a good looking front door will always leave a good impression.

– Add some lighting – To add that little bit of class you should buy some new lighting fixtures, this will brighten up the entrance and make it more inviting.

Fix up damaged walls

Regardless of the reason for your wall being damaged in your house, one thing is for sure – the design in your home will suffer. Sometimes the damage can be something simple such as holes in the wall from where a painting was hung or a much larger problem, either way you need to make sure they are repaired.

– Small holes – It’s relatively straight forward to repair small holes, just pick up some putty and a putty knife then simply stick to the interactions that are in the packaging.

– Larger repairs – To make sure that the larger drywall repairs are successful you must get your hands on a drywall compound, you will also need to set aside a lot more time.

Add a feature wall

This is the perfect weekend project that will instantly improve a room, what’s better is that it won’t break the bank! A feature wall is basically one wall in a chosen room that you choose to make stand out more than the other others. Here’s how you can achieve it:

– Repaint or add new wallpaper – If you’re looking to save money then it might not be possible to wallpaper a whole room or paint every wall, but one wall is more than possible. The way to make it different is to choose a different colour or theme for the wall you choose.

– Art and photos – Once you’ve finished redecorating your ‘soon to be’ feature wall you can improve it by adding photos or paintings. Make them stand out even more by using some classy looking frames and then you will have a fantastic looking wall which has transformed your room.

Have you revamped your home over a weekend? What projects worked for you? Please do let me know by typing your DIY success or failures in the comment section below.

5 projects to improve your home at the weekend