Vacations on cruise ships can be idyllic and there is no better place to experience these waterborne adventures than the Caribbean. These sun-kissed islands benefit from white sands, warm turquoise oceans and lush, varied interiors, and each has its own unique culture and character. You may be forgiven for thinking this is the kind of trip you simply can’t afford. But there are ways to get your dose of Caribbean sunshine without going overboard on spending…

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 Savvy booking

For example, if you can be flexible in terms of when and where you go, there are impressive last-minute deals to be found. Booking in the shoulder season is another way to save cash. In the Caribbean, this means that cruises are often less pricey in October. By heading online, you can take your pick from a range of itineraries provided by companies such as Royal Caribbean and with taster cruises and repositioning voyages on offer, you can sample as little or as much of Caribbean as your budget allows.

While on board, make sure you take advantage of the free food on offer and avoid expensive speciality dining venues. Also, if alcohol isn’t included in your package, you can save cash by making the most of any daily drinks specials or happy hours. If you want to use the web, try to do so onshore rather than on your ship as cruise liners tend to charge a lot for internet access.

Of course, this goes for most of your holiday spending: try to save your money for the on-shore excursions, where you can benefit from local dining, shopping and get in some prime sight-seeing as well!

Destinations to think about

Barbados is one of the most popular stop-offs and as a highly developed island, is relatively easy and cheap to get around. It may be dubbed Little England because of the locals’ love for English tea and cricket, but this beautiful island certainly benefits from better weather! While there, you can snorkel over shipwrecks, visit the impressive Barbados Golf Club course and sample rum from the distillery where it was made. Of course, you can save money by simply relaxing and soaking up the solar rays on the beaches.

Another popular cruise stop is Grenada, where you can tuck into tasty Creole dishes, visit Fort Frederick and the River Antoine Estate and see the many tropical plants and flowers that fill the island. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico offers a combination of quiet beaches, wild rainforests and buzzing nightlife. A great – and cheap – way to get around this island is on two wheels. For example, you can cycle to the Condado Lagoon and San Geronimo ruins.

By bearing such tips in mind, you can make your Caribbean cruise adventures that bit cheaper. Book at the right time, spend less on board and choose your cruise wisely, and that a trip of a lifetime can seem less of a pipedream and more of a plan to look forward to!

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