I recently came back from one of the most amazing camping trips with my family, a trip which was log overdue I might add. Prior to booking up our trip in Cornwall, we had spend many debates discussing where we should go, the usual suspects cropped up, Disneyland, a beach holiday, something different altogether, and then my wife suggested that we take a domestic break. At first the kids weren’t too sure, but after thinking on it for a while and then considering how fun it would be to take the dogs along, they soon agreed and we were searching for dog friendly campsites in Cornwall in no time. I must admit I wasn’t sure how the week in Cornwall would go, but it was a riotous success. If you aren’t sure where to go for your vacation this year, I suggest taking the kids on a camping trip, and here is why.


When the kids are at home it can be difficult to get them away from their phones and tablets long enough to pay attention to what is going on, so we made sure that the kids were limited on their trip to how much tech they could use. What this meant is that the kids were forced to have some old fashioned fun, which they adored. Climbing tress, swimming in rivers, doing archery and sailing plus learning a thing or two about cooking using a fire has really changed the kid’s outlook on how to have fun.


Not only because of tech, but also because life is busy, it can be difficult to actually spend time with your family. Even when you go on a sunny break to somewhere like Spain, the vacation is normally not the type where you get to really have a good talk with your kids. Sat around a campfire on an evening however, this is where you will get the chance to really connect with your kids.


Because of the way that these campsites operate, they are incredibly safe for kids, and that meant that the adults can get some alone time too. Another benefit on this front is that even when the kids have gone to bed, the adults can stay outside, keeping watch and enjoying themselves. Any parent who has been stuck in a hotel room all night because the kids were in bed can attest to what a relief it is to be able to enjoy your night, and make sure that the kids are safe.


There is something very special about getting in touch with nature and I have always found that it has a very soothing effect on people. The result of this is a holiday where everyone stays happy.

Here are the details of the place we stayed in when we went to in Cornwall, I cannot recommend it enough.

Perran Springs Holiday Park


Why a Camping Holiday is the Perfect Family Adventure