There are a lot of different places that people turn to when they want to be inspired about ways they could revamp their home.

For example, there are plenty of tips available online, and TV shows often take home interiors as their focus.

When it comes to television, you might even be able to spot colours or styles that you want to borrow when you’re watching programmes that have nothing to do with design.

Does your favourite soap character have a particularly brilliant shade on their living room walls, or do you particularly love the style on show in one of the homes in that popular US drama, for example?

Another, more common, source of home inspiration is the numerous interiors magazines that line newsagents shelves and cater or a whole range of tastes.

But, if you’re a fan of celebs and the world of stars, there might be a different section of the newsagents you also turn to for inspiration…

Mags have long allowed people to get a glimpse of celebrity homes – and this can be a wonderful place to see interior ideas you might want to take on in your own house or flat, to one extent or another.

This is especially the case when it comes to the homes of celebs you particularly admire or want to emulate in some way.

Another source of celeb home inspiration is the TV. For example, the reinvention of classic show Through The Keyhole that Leigh Francis recently presented in the guise of his comic alter ego Keith Lemon included a range of plush celeb homes that would likely have left viewers reaching for their interior shopping lists!

Of course one of the main things people are likely to notice about the celeb homes they see in the media is that they are often very upmarket affairs. So how can you capture the style of your favourite celeb without breaking the bank? Well, there are easy ways to do this which won’t cost you too much money.

Take paint and wallpaper shades for example: If you spot one that you like in a celeb’s home, tracking down something similar is never going to be much of a problem, and will mean you feel you have a feel of your fave star’s abode in the space where you live.

Look at the ways these stars have matched things like curtains to their wall colour, too. Have they gone for a stark contrast, or something of a similar shade? What kind of fabric are the curtains made out of? You may well be able to get something that has a similar look by using great retailers likeĀ Curtains & Curtains, who also sell things like bedroom sets and more.

Another thing you might see in celeb homes is art – it is after all, a sign of wealth. But don’t despair if you can’t afford your own original piece by a famous artist. Why not see whether more affordable prints are available, for example, that offer a similar effect in your own home?

And you could take inspiration from a celeb home without spending anything – for example, maybe they have arranged their furniture in a particular way that you could replicate?

Celebrity home interior inspiration
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