Decorating any home can seem a daunting task. Whether you live in an old period cottage or a trendy apartment in a new development, you will want it to feel like home, your home with a personal touch.

If you’re searching for your ideal new build Wokingham has plenty of choice and once you’ve got the keys to your new home it’s time to think about the decor.


Lighting each room differently is an easy way to give each space an individual feel. Nowadays there are a multitude of choices to suit everyone’s style. The clever use of up-lighters will make even the smallest room seem bigger and airier while a crystal chandelier, whether faux or real, will make an instant statement and give any room a touch of luxuriousness.

If you are buying your property off-plan you may also be able to have some input into where the lighting switches and sockets are wired and installed. This will give you complete creative control on how your home is lit.

A touch of colour

The simplest way to put your own stamp on an interior is to change the colour scheme. If you are moving into a new build you shouldn’t have to paint the whole house; adding a feature colour and using different shades of it to run through each room will give an easy cohesive style to your home.

A strong splash of colour in a room is a creative way to add warmth while the use of shiny gloss finishes will increase the perception of light and space.

Tiles and wallpaper

Gone are the days when wallpaper meant brown and orange swirls or tiles meant uniform plain white squares. Today wall coverings are used for much more than just hiding a crack in the wall.

Introducing a swath of colour in the form of shiny mosaic tiles to a bathroom or kitchen can make a real difference. However, modern wallpaper designed to look like a full and interesting bookshelf will instantly make-up for a lack of possessions and storage.

In essence, decorating a newly built home should be easy, after all there’s no re-plastering to do, no chips to fill in and no wonky walls to accommodate. The good news is that decorating doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, it’s easy to transform your new home with a few simple tricks.

Easy ways to decorate a new home