Camping has been a long time favourite for many people, it is a great way to go out and bond with your friends or family. People feel that they become more in touch with nature and live a little rough when they camp. These days we live in a world where we live in comfort, have everything we need easily on hand and are used to convenience. With this is in mind, campers now need to prepare themselves a lot better than they did in the past. To ensure that everyone on your camping trip is comfortable and enjoys their trip you need to remember to bring some essential equipment. I am not talking about setting up camp and making it like the Ritz, you just have to bring some items that will make your trip and enjoyable one. Here’s my list of things that you cannot forget on your next camping trip. They certainly helped us when we were in the campgrounds in Flagstaff.



Ok, so this might seem like the most obvious thing on this list, but you have to remember to bring water proof clothes and also waterproof sheets to protect your tent. You can never be too prepared, the forecast may tell you to expect sunshine but you should also be prepared for rain. If you get caught with out your waterproofs then your trip will not be enjoyable at all. A sheet to hang over your tent is always a good idea, it will make sure that you’re dry during the night.

Cooking equipment

Again, it seems like a straight forward thing to remember. In reality though, many people go unprepared for their camping holiday. The number one thing you need to bring is a stove, you don’t want to be eating sandwiches the whole time. It means that you will be able to get the day off to a great start with a cooked breakfast and then end the day with a nice bowl of pasta. Don’t forget to bring your firelighters, that is unless you think you can make a fire from twigs in the rain! Natural firelighters are the best things to go with, make sure you pick up a pack before you leave.

A good sleeping bag

Everyone enjoys a good night’s sleep, without the right sleeping bag this may prove difficult. It really is worth investing in a good sleeping bag, especially if you plan on going on many camping trips. Don’t cut costs when making your purchase, a good sleeping bag will make sure that you get a good night’s sleep, keep you warm and leave you feeling ready for the day after you wake up.




Essential camping equipment that you can’t go without
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