For anyone who enjoys their garden, keeping it as neat and tidy as possible is a matter of the utmost pride and importance. It is a war and the garden shed is your H.Q, the tools you employ are the weapons you deploy to thwart any would be invader, the dreaded weed. If however you are also a dog or cat owner then there is a second and equally threatening silent foe to pit your wits against and that is animal waste. Your patch of Eden can be kept from being your horticultural dream by “doogy doo” and it is infinitely worse if the the culprit is not yours. There are various ways in which to deal with this problem, first you can go to select the weapon of your choice, a spade or perhaps a trusty trowel to deal with the offending muck, not entirely an hygienic method as you have to still put the stuff somewhere and it can also turn your stomach. Then we have the old reverse plastic bag “glove treatment”, perhaps even more distasteful and still what do you do with the final “product”. So we come down to a pooper scooper but still we face the problem of what to do with the ordure and also keep the scooper free from bacteria. Be still my poor churning stomach.

Fear not my fellow horticulturalists help is at hand and it is a vital asset to any garden H.Q’s armoury. It is one of those great little inventions that some like-minded person has put a lot of thought and time into. It is called The Dooup Poop Scoop and it removes the discomfort of ridding your little part of England of animal waste, In using this all so very welcome contraption you remove the offending matter while cleansing the ground with a harmless ant-bacterial spray. The pick-up is then stored and when ready to be emptied the “prisoner comes out in a neatly sealed biodegradable package. Perfect!

So the upshot is that my lovely lawn is as clean and clear as the Center Court at Wimbledon and that we are all free from any bacterial infections that can be picked up from domestic animal waste. Perhaps a Croquet lawn next year.


For My Fellow Horticulturalists