I remember as a child growing up in the 90’s that ‘family time’ was really important to us. I especially enjoyed Saturday evenings going to the local chippy with my dad, ordering fish and chips for the family then going back home where my mum had all the plates out ready. We would dish out the food, sit around the television and watch Noel’s house party. More often than not we used to have my auntie and uncle come over, we always got Monopoly or scrabble out and would spend hours laughing or arguing about the rules of the game.

It’s a shame these days that with our hectic life styles and our busy schedules that we don’t really find the time to spend with our families, and now as a parent myself I realize just how important these times were in cementing our relationships and the emotional bonding that came with family time. Family time after all is an investment, study after study has proven that spending time together as a family is beneficial not only for a parent but in a child’s development as well. Studies have also shown that children who spend more time doing family activities together tend to do better at school and in social situations.

There are many family activities you can do such as a trip to the local cinema together, a walk in the park or even something as simple as all eating around the table together. One of my favourite activities I like to do with my family is playing games, there are a lot games you can play to bring the family together; whether its kicking a ball around in the local park or sat around a table playing board games. Not only are games fun but they are also a great way to improve relationships, foster creativity and promote productivity with in the family.

So now we set aside a few nights per week devoted to ‘family time’ Mondays are definitely my favourite as my son has taken a keen interest in playing pool, so after purchasing a pool table from Home Leisure Direct we now have pool and pizza night which is so much fun. Another thing we like to play is Scrabble or Junior Scrabble as my son is still quite young, the bonus of playing games like this is that my wife and I have noticed his English spelling at school has improved greatly.

So take a little time out for time with your family and you will soon see the rewards of doing family activities together like we have.

Games That Bring the Family Back Together