When you are looking after an elderly relative you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to help them. People can unknowingly do more harm than good if they do not know the correct techniques for everyday tasks. One of the most common things that people struggle with is how to get an elderly person out of a chair. The best things to help you with this are supportive chairs for the elderly, they will assist you in performing this common task.


Most people choose to help elderly people get out of a chair by holding their hands and helping them up, but there are better methods for assisting elderly people out of chairs. This method, helping by holding hands, is a very common method, it can however cause the joints and muscle to strain. The strain can occur in both the person who is being helped out of the chair and the person doing the helping. The back, neck and shoulders are the parts of the body that are most at risk. When caring for someone, your primary goal is to keep them as healthy as possible, so you should avoid helping them out of their chair using this method. Using this method should be avoided because it can also lead to people over compensating when helping, meaning that the helper can pull too hard or not hard enough which could result in someone falling.

Here are some great solutions to helping people out of a chair:


The best solution is to allow the elderly person to be independent, this will give them the confidence to sit up by themselves. One of the main reasons that elderly people can not get up from sitting is because the seat is too low or there is nothing to push up or pull on.

1) Increase the height of the seat – This is easy to remedy. You can adjust the height of the couch or the seat, do this by using furniture risers or blocks. Another way to do it is by putting a cushion on the chair.

2) Something to push or pull – The easiest thing to do is have a chair with armrests. Another, more costly method, is to have floor to ceiling transfer poles installed in the home.

 High tech cushions

You can now buy cushions that will help people get up from a chair, the two most popular are battery powered cushions or spring powered cushions. The cushions are portable so you will be able to use them on any chair in the house and are not overly expensive.

Physically assist

The best and safest option is to set the chair up so the elderly person can help themselves out of the chair, when this is not possible you need to physically assist the person in need of help. You can make assisting a lot safe with the following advice.

1) Correct body positioning

You should always ensure that you are using the correct lifting techniques. You need to bend your knees, do not make any twisting movements when lifting and always make sure that your feet are a good distance apart. It is a good idea to be constantly talking to the person that you are lifting, they will be able to tell you if they are in pain or uncomfortable about any of the movements.

2) Transfer belts – Many experts suggest that buying a transfer belt is a great idea. You can put this around the elderly person, it gives the helpers something to hold on to, this means that they do not beed to grab on to the elderly persons arms or clothes.

How to help elderly people to get out of chairs
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