Looking smart and our best is important for most of our daily lives; be it for work, a social event, day out or simply the fact that you just want to look good, being smart is something that we all like to do. How we dress gives people a first impression of who we are as a person so getting it right is absolutely essential! If you want to keep looking your best then I suggest you take a look at what Get The Label has to offer, i always go with these guys and they’re awesome!

We think that business casual is one of the most common and best looks today, smart yet casual is always a good way to look especially in the office. It’s easy just saying that it’s a good way to dress, but how can you make sure that you get everything right? Just because you’ve picked some smart clothes off the rack doesn’t mean they’ll look good – an ill fitting shirt with a dodgy blazer is not going to of the trick. So please remember to make sure that your clothes fit you correctly before you head to the checkout – this is the best advice you will ever get!

To help you on your way we have put together 3 points that every man should follow if he wants to absolutely pull off the ‘business casual look’ in style.


The Shirt

The first thing you need to do is find a shirt that fits well and has a good shape to it. Once the fit is good it’s time to find the right colour. It goes with out saying that solid colours will be the easiest to match with others, so make sure you have a white and light blue shirt in the wardrobe – add a bit of colour with some patterns as well, I picked up a nice Ralph Lauren Mens Custom Fit Polo Shirt which works so well with a good pair of chinos in the summer. Remember that you need to make sure that the shirt is more business like than casual, this means you need to pick a shirt that has a collar that can stan up without using a tie.

The Trousers

Trousers are all the rage these days, the safest and best option to go for are chinos when it comes to business casual. Don’t stray too far from the classics colours such as camel or navy. The fit should also be taken into consideration – the trousers need to be slim fitting but never skinny. If you are ever stuck then don’t forget that you can never look bad in a pair of suit trousers, especially with a colour such as grey which goes with most shirts. If you’re really pushing the casual side of things then make sure your jeans still look formal and are not too skinny.

The Shoes

My personal choice for shoes is always stick to the classics, you simply can’t go wrong with a pair of loafers or brogues! They will go with your office suit and also match brilliantly with any other formal coshing you decide to wear. With colours we all know that the safest bet are black brown and tanned shoes – these colours will go with everything and won’t leave you with a headache trying to match them with your other clothing.

How to stay looking smart