I have been visiting Cornwall now for over a decade and every time that I go it seems there is a new place for me to discover, a new bar that I haven’t tried or a fishing village that I have not yet stumbled upon. Cornwall is without question my favorite part of the UK and it should be the number 1 destination for your 2019 summer holiday. I always believe that we should boots our domestic tourism and through heading to places like Cornwall you can do exactly that, and still have an amazing time. If you were in any doubt as to why you should go to Cornwall, here are a handful of reasons for you.


For anyone who enjoys sports you will find plenty to do in Cornwall, from surfing to climbing, hiking to caving, cycling to sailing, there is sports and adventures to be found throughout. Cornwall golf courses should not be forgotten about either, and here in Cornwall there are some very challenging links courses for you to try out.

Two Sides

I love the coast here in Cornwall, it is rugged and beautiful in equal measure and there are some stunning views which you will get when you walk across the cliffs of the coastal trails. Cornwall is not only about the coast however and you can also find thick forests inland, which make for the perfect places for camping and woodland adventures. Whether you want to relax on the beach in the sunshine, or take a BMX through a downhill course in the forest, you can do it all here in Cornwall.


You may not know this but the finest restaurants in London are likely to be selling fish which came into a Cornish harbor that morning. So prized is the fish from the English Channel which is brought in on the trawlers, that people are willing to pay top dollar for it. Down in Cornwall however there is no risk of you paying over the odds for some fresh fish, as it is plentiful and widely available. Try out Padstow for some of the best fish restaurants anywhere in Cornwall, you can sample both fish and chips in a bag and fine dining in this small fishing port.


Because of where Cornwall is situated on the British Isles, it has a very kind temperature, especially throughout the summer. To be honest with you there are some mornings that I have woken up in Cornwall, genuinely thinking that I had somehow woken up in France or Italy, such was the sunshine. Cornwall does not have a climate that is relative to Britain, which makes it the perfect place to spend your summer vacation.

With so many adventures and activities, so many exciting places to explore, beautiful beaches, balmy weather and coastal beauty, why not make Cornwall your vacation spot for 2019!

Just a Handful of Reasons to Head to Cornwall Next Summer