Dear person of enormous wealth who never needs to work again: you may stop reading now. For the rest of us, we are either working for the man, or we are the man. In either case, in some capacity, we are clocking in somewhere and making widgets. Where would the world be without widgets? But seriously, chances are good you are either employed or you are an employer, and you have a workplace. So what is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) initiative and why should you care? Oh boy. You should care about your employer having an IPM action plan so that you can be rest assured that your workplace is always clean, your home is not being infected by what you bring home, and that you will still have a place to work after the inspector comes through.


Having a clean workplace goes beyond just window cleaner and vacuuming. A good IPM plan uses appropriate commercial pest control methods to minimize hazards to people, property and the environment by using eco-friendly options where possible. If it’s not happening, then your workplace may be suffering, and so may your work. Roaches, rodents, and flies are just a few of the things you should be concerned about possibly getting into your snacks. You could be preparing food in the same place where pests ran rampant while the lights are out. Don’t panic, just ask someone in charge, and if that’s you, then you might want to get the ball rolling on this one.


If there’s no IPM plan then you might be concerned about the cleanliness and safety of your own home. While it’s unlikely a rat is going to make it home with you, you may give a nest of spider babies or bed bugs a trip home on your shoes, without even knowing it. Now you’re really bringing your work home with you! Bed bugs were at one time so eradicated they were considered gone from Western countries, until a few made the trip overseas on luggage, reigniting the Western population, and creating a new epidemic. If they can cross the planet then getting home with you is surely feasible. Speak up and make sure that your workplace has a plan in place, and leave work where it belongs, at work.


It’s hard to think that your actions could affect the overall business, unless of course you are the man, in which case you know what’s up. Without an IPM plan, businesses can quickly become a place that others don’t want to show up, such as customers and employees. Worse yet, the inspector may deem the place unfit to work in, overrun with termites for example, or a breeding ground for flies, and requiring an indefinite shut down. Now the issue goes beyond work cleanliness, or home cleanliness, but actual income security.


No matter what your position at your place of business, find out what you can about the plan for controlling pests, if it includes IPM, and what your part is in it. It could be as simple as where you throw out your banana peels, but you won’t know, if you don’t already, until you ask. And if you are working in a place which has no plan in place, you may consider raising concerns about the wellbeing of the aforementioned three: work, home, job security. Somebody is bound to appreciate your perspective and see the value of keeping the creepy crawlies at bay. Who knows, this could be the thing that makes you the man.

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