It seems that there is an increasing interest in mediums and everything to do with the paranormal.  Visiting a psychic is often a fun thing to do but it can be daunting at the same time because you don’t know what is going to be revealed.


I met a psychic recently and I really enjoyed the whole process. Before we met I was sent an email about things I should know before my visit. So if you’re planning to get a reading from a psychic here are 3 things you need to know first.

Don’t go in with a specific agenda

It’s perfectly normal to want to find out certain things when you visit a psychic, in fact your psychic will probably see if you have any questions to ask. However, if you go there with the aim of finding an answer to a specific question then you’ll probably leave feeling disappointed.

Let the expert guide you

You’re going in to the session to see a professional and you’re paying for it too, so let them focus on doing their job and allow them to lead the discussion how they want. Any good psychic will do the majority of the talking and also ask you to confirm any details they receive. Don’t give too much information away because you want to see if the psychic is able to do their job properly – giving up too much information will allow a ‘fraud’to take advantage and manipulate the information you offered up.

Stop if you feel uncomfortable

No credible psychic is ever going to predict death, tragedy or the winning horse in the next Grand National. A reputable psychic will never increase the fee per session for repeat visits or try and make you buy merchandise that they have in their office. Sometimes the psychic is genuinely challenged during a session and might ask if you’d like to stop – there’s no harm in stopping if you think it doesn’t feel right.

Have you been to see a psychic at anytime? It would be awesome to hear if what they told you came true, what you thought about the experience and also if you would recommend it to others. All you have to do is write everything in the comment section below this post.

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