With winter well and truly set in now and the party season over, it can feel bleak and bland outside in the chilly weather with little to look forward to for the rest of the cold winter months. While it can be tempting to want to stay inside, you may find your home lacks a bit of the quintessential cosiness that you’re looking for when staying in. Why not embrace the Danish concept of ‘hygge’, pronounced ‘hoo-ga’? Here we look at ways anyone can get their hygge on.

The Concept

The concept of hygge is to get inside, snuggle up and get cosy. Cosiness is what hygge is all about. Think warm, toasty and comfort with the cold weather raging away outside. When you think of winter you think of the chill of the snow as you walk down the street as you’re rushing off to get home or to the office, but with hygge it’s all about staying in and enjoying the company of those around you – or your own! It’s curling up with your favourite book or film, getting under the blankets and being toasty all winter long. Using things like candle lanterns from Nordic House are a great way to add even more hygge ambience to a space in your home.

Drinks and Foods

Food and drink when it comes to hygge is all about warm and hearty. Think nice herbal teas, stews, soups and steam. Warming your body’s insides as well as outsides will help keep the winter chill away for longer, creating a warm and snuggly atmosphere you can enjoy for the months to come. Cook up some gluhwein for friends and play cards with friends wrapped up in wooly socks, leggings, sweaters and more.


Of course with hygge the whole thing is all about cosiness and clothing plays a huge role in that. Think big wool sweaters, thick wool socks, fuzzy scarves and hats. The warmer, the better as the whole concept of hygge is to be as cosy and wrapped up as possible. Layers are a popular idea, often combining scarves and sweaters with socks and more.

So if you’ve been looking to make cosiness and hygge a part of your life, hopefully this short guide to the Danish idea of snuggling up and cosiness has helped give you an idea of where you can start making your own life a life of hygge. You’d be surprised at what it can do for your wellbeing in the wintertime, and so it’s great for people who suffer from seasonal colds, flus and seasonal affective disorder.

Making Your Home Winter Ready
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