Moving house is without a doubt one of the most stressful situations you can go through – traditionally the only thins that outrank it in the ‘lost sleep’ stakes are divorce and bereavement. What makes moving house different is that you have chosen to move house: this is a source of stress and strain you have inflicted on yourself!

Today we’re looking at ways to minimise the stress and strain involved, so you can enjoy settling into your new home, not collapse from exhaustion!

Getting Organised

The first you need to do is get organised. Whether it’s with a wall planner, a shared calendar online, or a chain of emails, pooling your resources with everyone involved in the move is a much better idea than trying to take on the entire burden yourself.

If you can, mark the day you’re moving house (if this isn’t confirmed yet, come up with a hypothetical, ideal, deadline to give focus to your efforts), and start not only filling in deadlines for key tasks but also assigning them to different people. The key to surviving a house move is making sure everyone is contributing fairly and no one person is getting burnt out.

Don’t forget that the labour towards moving house could be indirect and not necessarily obvious: someone taking care of the kids, leaving someone else free to pack boxes is still contributing just as much!

Moving and Storing

If you’ve got a whole household to move, it’s foolish to do it without help from professionals – unless you’re an experienced mover yourself with access to a van. It’s not just offloading the effort of carrying boxes. Professional movers are faster and can pack a moving van more safely and efficiently than you, so your whole day goes more quickly.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that removals and storage facilities are not mutually exclusive. Some storage facilities offer a collection and delivery service so you can use them as a replacement for a traditional moving company, either completely or just for awkward items you want out of the way sooner to clear the path for your move.


Moving house can be an all consuming topic. It’s difficult to find the time to think about anything else. If you burn out, though you won’t be making good decisions, and poor decisions when you’re moving house could have big consequences. Take some time to try and redirect your thoughts away from the stressful side of moving home: if you can’t get your mind off it entirely, try and find positive, creative things to think about: how you’ll furnish your new home, things you can do with the garden, lazy Sundays in the living room.

With some dreams to look forward to about your new life, you’ll be able to relax and undo the stress of moving house.

Moving House Without the Tears