From cutting down on alcohol or going on a diet to becoming a member of a gym; there are a number of tried and tested New Year resolutions that many vow to adhere too when the clock strikes twelve.

However, come February these resolutions have often found a way of losing focus and the promises of a healthier start are diminished.

One of the better resolutions that will require sticking to is beginning a project such as refurbishing the home or creating a beautiful garden space. A resolution can have a focus on improving your lifestyle.

Many disabled people can have personal space around them that provides daily obstructions and this can impact upon their normal day-to-day life. 2014 could be the year to make your home a more liveable and positive place to be and taking up a resolution to make the most out of the home could be just the start to that.

To continue the motivation we have provided some tips to help you on your way towards a more accessible life at home should you be disabled.


Fall proofing your home

Many falls can happen when you are on your own and in the home. As many as six out of ten falls happen in the home. When disabled, the process of moving can be difficult and problems can occur without warning.  During the winter these problems can become even more worrisome as black ice on the approach and slippery steps into the home become a concern.

Make sure the driveways and garden areas are salted and gritted whenever a cold snap is on the way. Throughout the home install grab bars in essential areas such as near doors, in bathrooms and where other help is needed in getting up.

Layout of your home

Have a look at how your furniture is designed to see if any small changes could help improve the ease of accessibility around doorways and moving through corridors. Elements such as a bookshelf causing limited corridor width or a coffee table in the way could suddenly provide greater accessibility if moved elsewhere. Having a change of layout can suddenly freshen up your home and provide more mobility. Through trial and error it is a good way to improve the layout and ensure you have chosen the best locations for furniture to get the most out of your home.

Design of furniture

Having the furniture redesigned with your restrictions in mind will provide a more comfortable living environment. For example, lowered tables, shelves and cupboards will limit any unnecessary stress and concentrated effort while carrying out daily tasks such as cooking or relaxing watching the television.

Stair lifts

One of the most difficult aspects of having restricted movement is tackling the stairs. Having a stair lift will provide easier access throughout the whole house and provide the opportunity for someone to gain the most out of their home.

Bathroom modifications

When looking at gaining the most out of a home should you be disabled, the bathroom can house the most sensitive and contentious issues. However, thanks to an increased market disabled bathrooms can now be an easier and more creative process to design. With options from wet room showers to bath tubs centred on an individuals’ needs, there are creative and stylish designs to ensure that the bathroom is practical and capable of meeting any specific needs.



New Year Resolutions for the disabled: How to make the most out of your home
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