Disney is a company who have found their way into all of our hearts with their amazing movies which have a place in most of our lives. The absolute pinnacle then for any Disney fan is of course to visit the magical Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, a theme park which has set the industry standard and one which ticks all the boxes in terms of fulfilling our Disney dreams. If you are taking the kids to Disney World then you are all guaranteed an amazing time filled with fun and lasting memories. I took the family here last year and it far exceeded every expectation which I had beforehand. Should we go again there are a couple of things that I would do differently and I thought it would be a good idea to pass my learnings on to you.



For the best way to buy tickets you should look online before you leave home and not, like we did, wait until the day of your visit. There are a number of reasons for this and the most important is that you can get discount Disney World tickets if you purchase them in this way. Secondly you can avoid the queues at the park if you get them before you arrive which means more time in the parks for you and the kids.

Fast Passes

With each ticket that you buy for Disney World you will receive 3 Fast Passes which you can use to beat the queues on the most popular rides. We had no idea about these and ended up not making the most of them, something which I wouldn’t do again. The best course of action is to download the Disney app and register your ticket, when you do this you will be able to book in your Fast Passes for the ride you want, at the hour which you want. If you know what rides you want to go on then look online to see when they are busiest and then get your Fast Pass booked in for that time. Select your Fast Pass in the morning of the day you go to Disney for the best chance of securing the time and enjoying the benefit of lesser queues.


As long as you don’t mind carrying them I would recommend that you take some snacks with you to the parks and that you also take a refillable water bottle. If you do this then you can help yourself to avoid the queues at lunchtime and also save yourself some money in the process. The food options at the parks can be quite limited so a bag-full of snacks can ensure that you don’t need to stop too often, you can still eat well, and  you can maximize how much time you spend one the rides themselves.

I loved our time at Disney World but it could have been that little bit better with some smarter planning.

Preparing For Your Trip to Walt Disney World, Florida