It’s not small. It’s ‘bijou’. It’s ‘cute’. It’s … yours. If it’s yours and you love it, who cares how tiny, sorry, compact it is? There are some really great ways to make your home look a little larger than it is, and they mainly involve mirrors, colors, and a couple of clever tricks.


Reflect the world in a grain of sand

By carefully placing mirrors in the right areas in your rooms, you can really enlarge the space you have, visually, at least. For example, putting a full length, large-size mirror behind a piece of large furniture in your room somehow uncramps the space. It works best if the mirror is about the same 2-D dimensions as the piece of furniture.

Another way to make mirrors work for you is to place one across the room from the window. The light bounces directly off of the reflection, and it looks as though you’ve got a window on both sides. It’s a lovely look and it definitely enlarges the room visually.

If you haven’t got an empty wall across from a window, the other way to use light with mirrors is to place a mirror behind a light source. Bouncing the light across the room creates an optical illusion of more space.

Color me larger

If you think about it, the rule of thumb is that warm colors draw in, and cool colors draw out. That means that if your room is a little on the small side, using cooler colors on the walls will encourage it to look larger.

Additionally, lighter colors always look larger than darker ones. If you place a black square next to a white one – both of them the same size – the white square will look larger. It’s another optical illusion, but it works really well for interior decoration. One of the more subtle ways to use this is to paint the ceiling a lighter shade of the wall color. It makes the ceiling seem higher.

Unclutter the walls

I’m not thinking that you shouldn’t have pictures on the walls, just that whatever goes on there shouldn’t be too bulky. Curtains can really take up a lot of space, so getting some plantation shutters could be a way forward. There are a bunch of advantages to shutters in addition to the look they give your room. They’re great for saving your privacy, so if your home is directly on the street, you can turn the adjustable louvers so that they let in the maximum light, but keep out prying eyes. They also damp down the sound, from outside, and they’re amazing energy savers, blocking out drafts and keeping in the warmth.

Use all of the space

Many American homes have rooms that are hidden away, behind the stairs, or round a corner, and spaces that can’t be seen easily aren’t used as much. If you’ve got the freedom to do what you like with your home, you might want to explore ways of opening up those rooms somehow. Perhaps a non-load bearing wall could be removed that is at present dividing two rooms. I promise you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Smart ways to enlarge your living space
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