Sometimes when you move house you end up with pieces of furniture or small spaces that you don’t know what to do with. In your old house, everything fit in perfectly. But now you have a sofa that doesn’t fit well in the living room, a desk that throws off the design of the office and a weird alcove that looks empty. Part of the fun of moving house is figuring out where everything fits, rearranging your furniture to create a new home. Sometimes that means getting rid of some of the pieces that don’t fit anymore, but sometimes you can find them a new purpose. You might have to think outside of the box sometimes, but you’ll end up with unique features in your home that guests love to comment on.

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Turn a Spare Bed into a Nook

Do you have a spare single bed and an awkward bit of space in one of your rooms, such as your living room or office? You can use a single bed for a secluded nook to relax in, either for kids or adults. If you have an alcove, you can fit a twin bed or daybed into it snugly and section it off with a curtain for utmost privacy. Or put it in the corner of the room, away from everything else. Your reading or playing nook will double up as a great napping place!  Single beds are great for putting in box rooms too. When the room isn’t big enough to use for anything but storage, see if you can squeeze in a small bed. It may not be big enough for anyone to sleep in, but it’s great if someone in your family needs a bit of quiet space to themselves.


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Create a Breakfast Corner in Your Bedroom


You don’t have to store that spare end table and those dining chairs in the garage just because they don’t fit anywhere else. Who says you have to eat breakfast in the kitchen or dining room? Set up an eating area in the corner of your bedroom, and it will be the next best thing to breakfast in bed. You’ll feel like you’re in a hotel suite, enjoying your eggs and bacon (or low-fat natural yogurt) without leaving your room. Just make sure you have someone else to bring you your food! You can even use Multiyork sofas to sit on, instead of a less comfortable dining chair. Then you also have somewhere to sit and read if you need to be away from the rest of the house.


Attic Dining Area


It’s great having the extra space of an attic, but usually people automatically choose to make it a spare bedroom. There are lots of things that an attic can do though; there’s no rule that says you have to convert yours into a bedroom. If your new house doesn’t have a dining room, why not use your attic instead? It may feel odd at first, walking up to the attic to eat, but you’ll soon enjoy the novelty of it. If there’s space, you could even install a small kitchen or bar for dinner parties.


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