I’ve never been very good with online tests, I always tend to bend the truth a little. You know the sort of thing-”Do you exercise regularly?” The answer you give- “yes”. The true answer “no, I never exercise.”

I decided I would take the HBF Wellbeing Check, which is designed to tell you whether you’re looking after yourself correctly. I vowed to answer all the questions with the utmost honesty.

The first question it asked was whether I maintained my ideal weight. The options ranged from “very inaccurate” to “very accurate”-well this is “somewhat inaccurate.” I’m thinner than I’d like to be but I’m a reasonably healthy weight. I was then asked whether I do “energetic exercise such as brisk walking.” I toyed between very and somewhat inaccurate here. I go for the odd jog now and then but not regularly. I do a lot of walking but none of it brisk, unless I’m about to miss a bus or train in which case it’s more a panicky sprint. I plumped for “somewhat” again. Not the best start, but consistent at least.

Somewhat inaccurate came out again for whether I do exercises to strengthen my muscles and joints. Not often I must say. A refreshing switch to very accurate was made when asked if I warm up and cool down before and after exercise. Yes, that’s one thing I do right.

“I feel good about my body’s condition” and “I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night got answers of somewhat and very inaccurate respectively. My sleeping pattern borders on nocturnal.

“I have a good immune system and rarely get sick” well this is a tough one. I rarely get properly sick, the sort of sick that causes you to miss work and be bedridden, but I’ll be prone to irritating stomach aches and headaches. Somewhat accurate for that one. The same for the following question, which asked whether I healed quickly. Most of my minor ailments pass in a minimum amount of time.

“I’m full of energy and get through the day without being tired.” Another tricky one this. I’m very rarely tired, unless I’m severely sleep deprived, but full of energy? That’s one for debate. Another somewhat accurate chalked up.

Finally, I’m asked whether I listen to my body when something’s the matter and do something about it. Well I’m one of those people who doesn’t like going to the doctor unless I know it’s really urgent. If it’s just a bit of flu I know it’s something I’ll just have to ride out for a few days. A somewhat inaccurate for that one.

So what’s the verdict? Regrettably, a sad face and a bit of a ticking off. I have some well-being risks and could benefit from learning more. I think it’s best to cut down on the carbs and start looking after myself more!

Why not check it out yourself to find out whether you’re looking after your body correctly?




A Test of my Wellbeing