Florida has long been one of the most sought after destinations in the United States, and for good reason. With so many various things to see and do that suit almost everyone in some way or another, there’s never been a better state that has a bit of something for everyone. Florida isn’t just home of senior citizen residences and orange trees – in fact, there’s a lot of really cool things for everyone to do from ages 8 to 80 and beyond. Not convinced? Check out these few great ideas you need to check out in the Sunshine State.

Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Centre

For the science enthusiast in your life, a trip to Cape Canaveral is a great way to spend an afternoon watching rockets or shuttles launch off into space on missions to the International Space Station and other places. While launches aren’t always occurring, you can check online to see when launches happen and plan your trip around them. A trip to the nearby Kennedy Space Centre is ideal to learn more about America’s space race and how they managed to get man to the moon amongst other milestones. Among the many interesting exhibits are Buzz Aldrin’s spacesuit, which is still covered in dust from the moon. Likewise, you can stroll around the outside garden area which houses the remnants of the old Saturn V and Apollo rockets which were the first types to send men in to space and to the moon.

Disney World and Other Theme Parks

If you’re travelling with kids it’s likely they will be begging you to make a stop at Disney World or some of the other amazing theme parks in the Orlando area. With Universal Studios, SeaWorld and Discovery Cove to name but a few, people from all over the world flock to Florida to enjoy its theme park treasures. You can get discount Disney World tickets online before you go to save yourself time and money (as well as stress) at the park on the day. So what are you waiting for? Check out how you can make your children’s dreams come true this summer!

So whether you’re looking for a great summer getaway or just something to do over spring or autumn breaks, a trip to Florida is always a treat with a lot to see and do. Not only that but it’s got good weather most of the year as well as stunning beaches and some seriously pristine islands to check out off its majestic coast. Don’t take it from us though – come see for yourself.

Top Things To Do In Florida
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